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POSTON: Embarrassing start for the Browns

For a while, I thought I was watching the Cleveland Browns of 2017 or early in the season in 2018.

POSTON: Signing Hunt brings negative culture back to the Browns

I really thought the Browns were moving past the negative culture in the locker room and on the field.

POSTON: Browns likely won’t keep Williams as head coach

Gregg Williams clearly steered the Browns from crashing into a giant iceberg. ERIC POSTON The...

POSTON: Firing Hue Jackson a step in the right direction

Head coach Hue Jackson has been fired by the Cleveland Browns along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The moves are no surprise considering the team...

POSTON: Hue Jackson’s time needs to be up in Cleveland

This season has been a season of heartbreak, overtime losses and games that should have been won. The roster is full of new faces and...

POSTON: Mayfield shines, defense blows any chance of Browns winning

Complain all you want about the officials, they didn’t lose the Browns the game though. The Browns failed to win back-to-back games, something they haven’t...

POSTON: Browns finally part ways with Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns finally did something I have been asking them to do since 2014, part ways with wide receiver Josh Gordon. Gordon has been...

POSTON: What an odd start for the Browns

The last time the Browns tied a game I wasn’t even born yet. To put that in perspective it was 1989. Sundays 21 to 21 tie...


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