POSTON: What an odd start for the Browns


The last time the Browns tied a game I wasn’t even born yet.

To put that in perspective it was 1989.

Sundays 21 to 21 tie by the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers was an odd game from start to finish. Playing a major role strong winds and a steady rain made for sloppy play as the reminisce of Hurricane Gordon blew through Ohio.

The game had plenty of swings as the Browns stayed close early on with their defense coming up with a total of six turnovers. Typically when a team turns the ball over that many times, which the Steelers did, they don’t win. While the Browns defense played a dominate game, the offense never found a flow.

They struggled to throw the ball.

They struggled to run the ball.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor, which became the team’s 29th starter since 1999, didn’t perform well. He was sacked seven times and threw an interception. To be fair the offensive line didn’t do him any favors giving him next to no time to throw. Taylor did run the ball, 77 yards, which ended up being the team’s leading rusher for the day.

In all, the Browns totaled only 177 yards rushing.

Taylor finished the day 15 of 40 for 197 yards, nothing to get excited about. He going to have to work on his game if he wants to remain in the starting position for the Browns. So far he hasn’t shown anything that makes him stand out.

There no doubt playing with a wet ball impacted both teams, but the Browns have many things to improve on.

One starting block they can stand on is the defense. The offense needs work, special teams needs work and Hue Jackson needs to address the penalties. The Browns had 11 for 87 yards as the Steelers weren’t any better with 12 for 116 yards.

Jackson sure didn’t have his best game as coach and the coaching staff needs to work on play calling. Why the Browns decided to run up the middle on third and 17 was beyond me.

For a minute late in the third quarter and early fourth quarter when the Browns were down 21 to 7 it felt like the same old Browns. But the same old Browns would have never tied the game at 21 and forced overtime.

Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward played some great football for the Browns and they made an impact and helped change the game. It is nice to see some draft picks finally coming up big and hopefully it will continue moving forward.

While a tie isn’t a win, it isn’t a loss either.

Does it feel like a win, maybe.

Does it feel like a loss, somewhat.

I know the Steelers feel like they lost especially after being up 14 points. The Browns maybe can feel like they had a win in a sense considering how good the Steelers are and how they have one of the best defenses. The Steelers have a very good shot at going deep in the playoffs this year if not to the Super Bowl.

So maybe when you look at it that way, a tie isn’t so bad after all.


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