POSTON: Signing Hunt brings negative culture back to the Browns

I really thought the Browns were moving past the negative culture in the locker room and on the field.


That sure doesn’t seem to be the case as they signed Kareem Hunt only two months after the Kansas City Chiefs released him. He was released following a video showing him kicking and pushing a woman at a Cleveland hotel in February 2018.

Sure there are other details to what happened before this video we don’t know, but what we do know is that Hunt kicked and pushed a woman.

There is no excuse for that period.

It doesn’t stop there either as the NFL is investigating three incidents involving Hunt. Reports have also said he may be dealing with alcohol issues too.

The Browns sure picked themselves a winner didn’t they?

Lets not forget Hunt lied about the hotel incident at first too. So far there are zero signs to point to Hunt turning his life around.

Bottom line is Hunt may not even see the field next year as it appears he could miss six, maybe 10 or more games due to a suspension.

Sure he is an elite running back and that is why the Browns jumped on him. Do the Browns not have faith in the running backs they have?

But is he really worth the risk? Do the Browns really want another cancer on the team like Johnny Manziel or Josh Gordon?

I really thought the Browns were moving past that negative culture and now with this Hunt selection it looks like old habits are coming back. Hunt has to face his problems but bringing that onto the roster and into the locker room is a recipe for disaster yet again.

Did the Browns really not learn anything from Manziel or Gordon?

They were both duds who couldn’t get their life together and never will. Hunt very well may fall right into that category.

Sure maybe Hunt will be different and only time will tell on that.

When the Browns are 0-2 on risky players, why gamble again?

The bottom line is Hunt is not worth the trouble that comes with him. I could see if he was clean and trouble free and then got into trouble once he was here, but that isn’t the case. He is coming into Cleveland with a suspension following him.

Did General Manger John Dorsey not do his homework? It is pretty sad that Dorsey had to say during a press conference that Hunt will be on a zero tolerance policy in Cleveland.


Why would you even think of signing someone that brings that kind of baggage.

This signing was a poor decision by Dorsey and it is going to take a miracle to turn it around.  


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