POSTON: Season of high expectations turning into a nightmare because of coaching

What was expected to be one of the best seasons for the Browns has turned into a complete disaster.


The Browns are 2-6 following a 24-19 loss to Denver Sunday. Before the season started, fans were thinking Super Bowl, playoffs or at least a winning record.

At this point, it looks like none of those are going to happen.

The Browns’ season is tanking and it is tanking fast. Through eight games the Browns have had sparks of excitement, which were only replaced by stupid mistakes resulting in disappointment.

There is no doubt this season was overhyped.

The problem of lack of talent, one the Browns have faced for years, isn’t the problem this year though.

It is one thing, coaching.

The coaching staff is clueless about how to use a roster full of talent. Head Coach Freddie Kitchens looks like a deer in the headlights.

He can’t call plays, he can’t prepare the team and he doesn’t discipline them.

Browns’ fans have every reason to be upset following this season of heartbreak and let down once again. The play calling has prevented the Browns from moving the ball and during the Denver game, it prevented them from finding the endzone.

Instead, the Browns had to settle for four field goals on drives that very well could have ended in touchdowns.

The Browns are in a similar position they were last year when Hue Jackson was fired with a 2-5-1 record. It is upsetting that Kitchens can’t seem to get it together. Following game after game of mistakes, you would think he would fix his mistakes.

That hasn’t been the case.

Why Kitchens didn’t use running back Nick Chubb in critical third-down situations is hard to figure out.

This season can be summed up as sad.

The team seems lost, especially quarterback Baker Mayfield.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if the Browns try to turn the season around. The season is lost and honestly over nine weeks in. This was a year if the Browns had it together could have very easily won their division.

Firing Kitchens midseason may be best at this point because if he hasn’t turned things around by now, he isn’t. If the Browns do go in that direction, they can’t hire some clueless coach again. They have done that way too many times and they end up in the same boat they are in now.

They need a coach with experience, one who knows how to handle talent. Heading into the season some were concerned Kitchens was going to be in over his head, well that is surely playing out to be true.

Another year of disappointment something many fans thought they weren’t going to see this year has yet again panned out.

As the old saying goes, maybe the next coach.

Or maybe next year.


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