POSTON: Ohio State and Michigan rivalry lives on

Ohio State and Michigan are about to meet for the 116th time. Some may not call it much of a rivalry considering Ohio State has won the last seven meetings since 2012. The largest win streak in the series belongs to Michigan at nine games from 1901-1909.


Last year Ohio State beat Michigan 62-39. It hasn’t been close recently and many fans have dismissed the game. Michigan’s football program has been in disarray and they could be on the verge of firing another coach.

Michigan stands at 6-2 on the season while Ohio State is 8-0. One could argue that Ohio State has one of the best teams in recent history.

Fans recently haven’t viewed Michigan as a tough opponent like they do with Penn State and Michigan State. Ohio State this season has taken care of business on both sides of the ball. The only game they found themselves in a close match was the game against Penn State.

The Ohio State and Michigan rivalry dates back a long time.

Growing up, the rivalry was always a game I looked forward to. The matchup was always one my classmates and I talked about at school and everyone wore their favorite team colors the day before the game.

In middle school and high school, there weren’t many Michigan fans I can recall, but there were always a few. The teachers got into the game too and a few of them were Michigan fans.

There recently was a headline in the Columbus Dispatch that read: “OSU fans are obsessed with beating Michigan”. That headline is spot on. There is no doubt most people in Ohio don’t like Michigan. I’m sure it is the same way for fans in Michigan.

The Ohio State and Michigan rivalry is similar to the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry. I would argue the Ohio State and Michigan rivalry is larger, but they are close.

This year should be no exception as Ohio State is the better team. It may be a close game, but Ohio State shouldn’t struggle. This game is big for the players and the fans and always will be. If Ohio State continues to dominate Michigan, I don’t see the rivalry going away though.

The matchup may not always be close when it comes to the score, but fans will always keep the rivalry alive.


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