POSTON: Memories were made with Grandpa Kowal

This story was originally written in 2008. 

Grandpa Kowal was a man I loved greatly.

I only got to spend seven years of my life with him because he passed away in 1998. My grandpa loved to fish and spend time with me. I remember a lot of memories I had with him, but I could have had more.

One of my favorite things to do with him was to play cards. We would sit in the living room for hours and play cards. Mostly we would play war and uno, which were some of my favorite games. When my grandpa would get up to use the bathroom or to get a snack, I would swap all my cards so that I had all the good ones and he would have all the scrap. One time in a game of war I had four aces and he wondered how I had such good cards.

I think after a while he caught onto my tricks. He always loved playing games such as Candy Land and Trouble and some days we would play board games for hours.

Before I could say the word grandpa, I would call him MAA. When I was young, I had nicknames that were easy to say for every member of my family. My grandpa and I would sometimes build houses out of decks of cards, but we spent a lot of time outside when the weather was nice.

I had a little battery powered car that he loved to watch me drive around the driveway. We would always go to the local ice cream stand to get ice cream. I usually drove my little car and he would walk because the ice cream stand was such a short distance. He was a nifty man as he always came up with some kind of silly way to fix something that was broken. He built a manger that we still put out at Christmas time. Some of the things he made were nice and some were let’s just say interesting items.

We had a small pool behind my grandma’s garage and he would come back and watch me swim. I had a lot of good memories in that pool as I would spend hours floating around and enjoying nice days.

I was very sad the day I found out he passed away and it hit me like a ton of bricks. He was such a good man and it is tough to lose a grandparent when you are seven-years-old. Some days I wonder what life would have been like if he was still around. I know he would love some of the things I have done such as taking care of the yard and some say I am following in his footsteps. I would have loved for him to read all my articles that I have written or even just to be there to talk to. Day after day I sit here and wish he was here, but he is not going to be.

All we can do is reflect on the great memories we had in the past.