POSTON: Indians are an improved team


Buckle up, it is going to be a fun ride watching the Cleveland Indians make their way through the playoffs and hopefully playing in another World Series.

Last year’s trip to the World Series wasn’t one many expected. There is no doubt the Indians were the underdog and still managed to win three games in the World Series. Just think the Indians were up 3-1 and couldn’t get the last win to win the title.

I know it stings a little to think the Indians were that close, but this year isn’t like last year. The Indians are by far the favorite. They are the best team and likely many people’s pick to win it all.

There is a lot to consider about this year that should make you feel good about the playoffs.

This year the Indians won 102 games.

This year the Indians carried out a 22-game winning streak

Pitching last year was good despite injuries, but this year the pitching is even better. Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer all won at least 17 games and struck out at least 190 hitters.

One of the biggest additions to the team likely came on the offense side of the ball, adding Edwin Encarnacion. He is dangerous and no doubt a great addition to the lineup. They also added Jay Bruce in the place of Michael Brantley. Brantley still remains a question mark with his health, which is a shame because he can be a great addition to the offense.

At the end of the day another aspect which puts the Indians ahead is their manager Terry Francona. He is one of the best in the game and he knows how to put a winning lineup on the field and in the bullpen. Francona’s excellent leadership is one of the reasons the Indians made it so deep in the postseason last year.

Can the Indians handle being the favorite? Can they not get too wrapped up in the hype and stay focused?

No doubt the pressure is on, but the Indians are hungry for a title since they came up short last year.

With the additions made, excellent pitching and great leadership, there is no reason the Indians cannot win the World Series and bring another championship to Cleveland. Something Indians fans and Cleveland sports fans in general can cheer about.
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