POSTON: Hue Jackson’s time needs to be up in Cleveland


This season has been a season of heartbreak, overtime losses and games that should have been won.

The roster is full of new faces and has changed compared to past years. One thing that hasn’t changed, the coaching staff. For weeks I have tried to give coach Hue Jackson a break considering he has a young team, which is still learning.

My break is up, as I have hit my breaking point with his poor decision making, lack of discipline and now his ego to think he can call plays better than offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Week after week this team has failed to be prepared for games. Penalties left and right and many of them coming at critical times. Consider the 14 penalties for 114 yards the Browns had against Tampa Bay.

Consider the Browns had three first downs in the entire first half against Tampa Bay, who is the worst defensive team in the league.

Consider Tampa Bay turned the ball over four times, and the best the Browns could do is turn it into seven points. Not many teams lose a game when the opponent turns the ball over four times, but the Browns did.

Jackson’s decision to go for a touchdown right before half instead of kick the field goal was stupid. The play calling his stunk and that falls on Haley, which in my eyes isn’t doing his job well.

Following the 26-23 overtime loss to Tampa Bay, Jackson said he wants to get more involved with the offense and said “I’ll do whatever I need to do”. Long story short, Jackson just threw Haley under the bus.

It would have been nice to see Jackson take some blame and say he coached a bad game, but that sure didn’t happen.

Jackson needs to focus on coaching and not try to play two roles at once again. We have already seen that and it resulted in the Browns going 1-31 over the course of two seasons.

The Browns are a dysfunctional mess and it all falls back on the coaches. Honestly the Browns have talent, but the talent they have isn’t being used properly. A well-coached team right now would have five or six wins, not two.

Hopefully the Browns make a change sooner rather than later. When it comes to coaches they need to clean house and get rid of everyone. This time hopefully the Browns will make some smart hires because the past few have been nothing but a disappointment.

The Browns have improved as far as talent from the past few years, but it seems until this horrific coaching staff is gone, they are going to be held back from looking like a professional team.

Remember Jackson is 3-35-1 as head coach of the Browns.


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