POSTON: Firing Sashi Brown and keeping Hue Jackson raises questions


Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam has his work cut out for him and he may have just made it even more complicated.

Firing Sashi Brown, the General Manager for the Browns makes sense. Brown was a lawyer, and he never should have been put in the role he was put in. Keep in mind Brown passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. They both are lighting up the NFL like a Christmas tree.

When it came to drafting, Brown didn’t have a clue. The  Browns have botched more drafts than one can keep track of. This front office and past front offices have failed to put playmakers on the team. Instead they have gone for quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel and Cody Kessler. If you look back at the Browns past quarterbacks they all have something in common, they are small.

Look at Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati, they don’t change quarterbacks every single year. They have quarterbacks that are big and can deliver.

It’s hard to feel sorry for a team that honestly has made the same mistakes over and over.

Firing Brown is honestly no surprise, I would have thought the Browns would have waited until the end of the season, but it isn’t like things are going to get better anytime soon.

Haslam also announced Thursday that he plans to keep Jackson for the 2018 season. While he may have said this, he may change his mind. Jackson is 1-27, nothing to be proud of. Jackson has had very little talent to work with and you cannot put all the blame on him. The book is still out on Jackson, but Haslam would have been better off not addressing Jackson’s future the same day he fired Brown.

The big question is what happens if the new general manager wants his own coach? Haslam has to keep in mind anyone that comes in is going to have to want to work with Jackson. This could be large turnoff when people look at Jackson being 1-27 as coach. The Browns are already a big turnoff as it is.

Candidates for general manager may even want a new owner other than Haslam. There are a lot of unanswered questions and moving forward things will be complicated.

Haslam needs to get this right, fans are tired of the losing and that is evident by all the empty seats at the stadium.

Haslam needs a general manager and coach that can work together. Too often in the past recently the coach and general manager have been on separate pages. If Jackson can fit into the formula, great, but Haslam shouldn’t be afraid to part ways with him if he doesn’t. The last thing Haslam needs is hiring a general manager, keeping Jackson for a year and then firing him because he doesn’t fit the system.


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