POSTON: Firing Hue Jackson a step in the right direction


Head coach Hue Jackson has been fired by the Cleveland Browns along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

The moves are no surprise considering the team got steamrolled in Pittsburgh 36-12.

The question many are asking including myself is, what took so long?

There is no doubt Owner Jimmy Haslam and General Manager John Dorsey gave Jackson plenty of chances. Jackson heading into this season was 1-31 as coach of the Browns. A record not many coaches would ever survive.

Consider Jackson’s final record of 3-36-1. It stinks, it is awful.

He should have been fired after the end of last season. There was no point in holding on to him as long as they did. While the Browns have been competitive at times this season, there have been tons of mistakes which lead back to Jackson.

Penalties have been out of control. Consider the 14 the Browns committed against Tampa Bay. Where was the discipline? It sure didn’t come from Jackson.

Questionable play calling from Haley and who knows if Jackson was involved costs the Browns points in critical situations. Kind of like when Jackson decided to go for a touchdown before half during the Tampa Bay game and the Browns failed. They could have had an easy field goal, which came back to haunt them considering they lost by two points.

Haslam took the blame during a press conference following the firing as he said he is the one steering the ship and takes the blame for not getting it right in the past.

Dorsey and Haslam seemed upset and they have every right to be.

The question is, can they get it right this time. They said the next hire will be a collaboration between the two of them. Dorsey is smart and is likely one of the best general managers the Browns have had in a long time. He should have a large amount of say in the hire and hopefully they make a smart pick.

The Browns need a young coach. Maybe someone coaching college. What they don’t need is a head coach fired by another NFL team or some coordinator who doesn’t have a clue what they are doing.

The Browns have hired plenty of duds when it comes to coaches and they cannot afford for that to happen again. Dorsey and Haslam need to keep in mind Baker Mayfield. He is a huge part of the future of this team and the coach has to be able to work with him.

Having a coach who has an offensive mindset would be nice too.

Fans are already saying the Browns are going to be set back several years by these moves. I don’t think that will be the case. The Browns are not horrible. They have much to improve on, but there is talent on the roster and they may have a chance to build on that during the upcoming offseason. Plus consider the Browns have their quarterback in Mayfield.

When you look back at this season the Browns should have beat the Steelers in the opening game, they should have beat Oakland and they should have beat Tampa Bay. Make those all wins and the Browns are sitting at 5-2 on the season. Sadly having a poor kicker and a mistake filled coaching staff have held them back.

The good news is Jackson is no longer holding the Browns back from winning, something that has been very clear in several of the games this season.


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