POSTON: Dorsey a victim of Freddie Kitchens

Had now-former Browns General Manager John Dorsey not hired Freddie Kitchens, he may still have a job in Cleveland next year.


Instead, he got shown the door by owner Jimmy Haslam.

Firing Dorsey is not a move I would have made, but I understand why it happened.

Dorsey’s track record in Cleveland overall was a good one. He drafted I would argue some of the best talent to the roster the team has seen in a long time.

His biggest downfall, hiring Kitchens as a coach. Also not beefing up the offensive line and trading away offensive lineman Austin Corbett wasn’t his best decision.

The offensive line showed its weakness this year clearly.

Dorsey being let go is more of taking the fall for Kitchens rather than his own mistakes. Also some of the coaching candidates Cleveland is already interviewing with likely don’t want to work with Dorsey.

Dorsey is a control freak and wants to call all the shots kind of like Haslam. Maybe that is why Haslam picked him.

Now that Haslam knows Dorsey may not work with the new coach, he had no other choice but to show him the door. When Dorsey was fired in Kansas City he wanted to call all the shots and it ended up getting him fired.

While Dorsey has made mistakes, he isn’t a bad guy. He is smart and did make many good decisions for the Browns. The drafting of Baker Mayfield, someone Dorsey wanted, has yet to prove to be a good decision. Another season will tell if that was a good move at number one or a big bust.

While Dorsey may have made 99 good moves, his one bad move, hiring Kitchens, lost him his job.

The Browns need a general manager and coach who can work together.

Who those people are is anyone’s guess at this point.

The dismissal of Kitchens and Dorsey is the Browns somewhat hitting reset again. Except this time hopefully, the roster has plenty of pieces to work with. There is no need to blow up the roster and start over.

While the Browns have talent on their roster, the job is not super attractive especially when people are getting fired every few years. Cleveland is far from stable. The Browns need some stability and hopefully whoever they select can stick around for a long time to come.

Changing coaches and general managers every few years is not going to solve anything yet it has had to be done because the wrong people have been put in the position over and over.

Can the Browns get it right this time?

Who knows.

I hope so, but as long as Haslam is the owner I don’t know. Does Haslam even know what he is doing?

Sadly there are more questions than answers when it comes to the Browns

They just need to hire experienced people who know what they are doing. Please put a stop to the revolving door in Cleveland.

Only time will tell though and so far time has told us the decisions haven’t been the right ones.


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