POSTON: Coaching mistakes doom Browns yet again

Freddie Kitchens has to go.


I feel like a broken record writing about Kitchens not having his team prepared and poor play calling. The final nail in the coffin came for the Browns when the Steelers beat them 20-13 with a third-string quarterback.

The fact the Browns didn’t win by 20 or 30 points is embarrassing.

The fact the Steelers won the game, is downright pathetic.

It sure seems the Browns were unprepared yet again and showed us more of the same. The loss to the Steelers seals the season and pretty much eliminates the Browns from the playoffs. Honestly, the Browns were highly unlikely to make the playoffs regardless of how the season ended.

Kitchens had yet again another bad game calling plays. The Browns offense stalled twice in the red zone where they had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns.

The defense was without several starters and those who did start didn’t play well. Tackling was bad and it led to 20 points for the Steelers.

Why Kitchens didn’t run the ball more in the fourth quarter is beyond me. They ran the ball one time in the fourth quarter.

With Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, it is hard to believe any coach who wouldn’t utilize that talent more.

The Browns looked good early on building a lead to 10-0 and then they stalled. They didn’t battle for all four quarters as the Steelers did. There is no doubt the Steelers wanted this game more than the Browns did.

The rest of the season doesn’t really mean much for the Browns regardless if they win or lose. The game against the Steelers was a must-win and the Browns needed to send a statement.

They didn’t.

I wonder if Kitchens will wear the “Pittsburgh started it” shirt again? Sure the shirt had no impact on the result of the game other than it may have given some of the Steelers’ players more motivation to win.

Kitchens told his team not to think about the brawl yet he wore the shirt out in public. Makes sense right? Kitchens wearing the shirt is just another embarrassment for the Browns.

The Steelers are now selling “Pittsburgh finished it” T-shirts. Maybe Kitchens can get one of those instead.

The 2019 season is coming to a close and the Browns sit at 5-7. Even the games the Browns did win this season, they weren’t pretty. They were still mistake-filled, but everyone says a win is a win.

That is true, but when you lose ugly it doesn’t show much other than knowing you still need to play better.

Kitchens will likely get to finish the season as coach, but he should be let go when the season ends. There is no way this team can move forward with him or any of the coordinators.

The Browns need to admit yet again they made a bad decision when it comes to hiring a head coach. Kitchens had zero head coaching experience heading into the season and that fact is sure showing this season.


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