POSTON: Browns likely won’t keep Williams as head coach

Gregg Williams clearly steered the Browns from crashing into a giant iceberg.


The Browns were 2-5-1 when they fired head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. A move that was right on so many levels and honestly one that should have happened sooner. Williams stepped in and the Browns went on to finish 5-3 under him.

Now as the season comes to a close, the question is what will happen with Williams.

Will the Browns make him head coach?

Will they interview him and other candidates before making a decision?

All that remains to be seen at this point.

One thing is certain, General Manager John Dorsey wants to get this decision right.

The Browns are finally heading in the right direction as they are a fun team to watch again. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has drawn a lot of eyes and he is the francise quarterback of the team moving forward, there is no doubt about that. The Browns have many rookie players and their draft class from last year really paid off.

There is room to grow and one position the Browns really need to address is the kicker because they have missed more field goals and extra points than they should be.

When it comes to head coach, the Browns need to ask themselves if Williams is the long-term solution. You could argue the Browns haven’t had a better coach since 1999 and that very well may be true.

When Williams took over, many people laughed. They never imagined he would be a possible candidate to remain in the coaching position. There is no doubt Williams deserves an interview, but so do other candidates.  

Who those other candidates are, that is anyone’s guess at this point.

The feeling seems the Browns aren’t fully in on Williams taking over the position.

Honestly they shouldn’t be.

Williams has faced many struggles, which is to be expected considering in a blink of an eye he became head coach. The defense really has faced some struggles during good teams giving up a lot of yards and that was the case against Baltimore.

Williams is 60-years old and seems as more of a short-term fix rather than the long term solution.

Dorsey knows this is his chance to get his guy and hopefully his guy will be one that can work with Mayfield and stick around for a long time.

Freddie Kitchens, who has been serving as the offensive coordinator, has also done a great job. He would make a great head coaching fit, but pulling him away from calling plays could be a mistake.

The question also becomes if a new coach is brought in, would Kitchens stay and would Williams go back to be defensive coordinator. Or does the new coach bring in his own guys.

The Browns cannot have any doubts about Williams and there seems to be plenty to doubt following some questionable decisions at times while Williams has served as coach. Williams got lucky when he went for it on fourth down against Cincinnati and failed that the defense bailed him out and saved the game. That decision could have cost the Browns the game. Pro, experienced coaches don’t make those kind of mistakes.

Sure Williams could be a good hire, but the Browns have a chance to get a great hire.


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