POSTON: Browns finally part ways with Josh Gordon


The Cleveland Browns finally did something I have been asking them to do since 2014, part ways with wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Gordon has been nothing but a headache for the Browns and a cancer to the team.

The Browns finally announced Saturday night they will part ways with Gordon on Monday, only two games into the 2018 season.

Gordon, who has been with the Browns for six seasons and was starting his seventh season, has stumbled not once, not twice, but now three times. In 2014, he was suspended for an entire season for smoking weed. Then in 2015, he got suspended again for using alcohol.

Of the 97 games he has been with the Browns, he has been suspended 56 of them. I think that number speaks for itself.

When Gordon got suspended in 2014 I called for the Browns to cut him, they didn’t.

In 2015 when Gordon got suspended I called for the Browns to cut him, they didn’t.

People thought I was nuts calling to get rid of such a talented played. History has repeated itself not once, but twice.

While we don’t know all the ins and outs of why the Browns are releasing him, we do know he showed up to the training facility late Saturday morning. This could be a sign he got into something illegal yet again, which hasn’t come out.

The odds the Browns are cutting him over nothing are very low.

If they are releasing him, there is a reason, no doubt about it.

The saddest part is we never got to see what Gordon could really do. He couldn’t help himself and stay out of trouble and clean. He has no one but himself to blame.

Gordon likely has real talent, a talent that will never be seen because he cannot use common sense.

He got help, but it sure seems he needs more.

It is hard for me to feel sorry for him. This isn’t his first violation, it is likely his third. I can understand once, but that is about it.

The biggest mistake with this situation is the fact the Browns held on to him as long as they did. They gave him chances, plenty of changes. They worked with him and hung with him when in the end all he did was screw up yet again.

Some could argue he is one of the top three receivers on the team, sure, that is great. He could be the best player on the team and if he can’t follow the rules, I can’t feel sorry for him.

Do you think Gordon gets a free pass while the rest of the team follows the rules? That isn’t fair one bit to them.

He needs to go and I am glad the Browns finally made the decision.

Why they made the decision to make this announcement the night before a game is kind of strange considering the black cloud they just put over the team for game two.

The team is going to be thinking about Gordon getting cut rather than playing football Sunday.


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