POSTON: Browns can’t kick it


Strange things can happen in any NFL football game.

The strangest things though seem to only happen to the Cleveland Browns. Sunday during their game against the New Orleans Saints, the Browns missed not one, but two field goals. To top that off, they also missed two extra points.

What team misses two field goals and two extra points?

Zane Gonzalez, kicker for the Cleveland Browns.

One could give the missed field goals a pass, but there is no excuse for missing the extra points.

By Monday afternoon the Browns hadn’t wasted any time signing a kicker, Greg Joseph. Can you blame them? No way, the move had to happen. Gonzalez cost the Browns the game Sunday in what was a very winnable game.

You have to feel bad for the rest of the Browns who really played tough football against a very good Saints team. The Browns defense had yet another good game holding the Saints to three points in the entire first half. They did have a rough fourth quarter giving up 18 points, but a lot of that could be because the defense was tired and the offense wasn’t staying on the field long enough.

The offense had a decent game, a better one than game one. There is still room for improvement as Tyrod Taylor had some good throws, but also some poor ones. His interception thrown in the fourth quarter was costly. While it didn’t cost the Browns the game, it sure didn’t help matters. Taylor sells himself on the guy that doesn’t turn the ball over, well hes got some work to do there.

There isn’t much time this week to prepare for the next game as the Browns will take on the New York Jets Thursday night in Cleveland. Hopefully Taylor will have a better game and can silence the voices asking for Baker Mayfield to play. While it may not be Mayfield time yet, the time may be approaching if Taylor doesn’t start putting together some better games.

The Browns are close to a win but have fallen just short the last two games. Honestly the Browns could very easily be 2-0 right now had they made some field goals and extra points. The missed field goal in overtime against Pittsburgh in week one was costly too, which resulted in the game ending in a tie.

All the pieces seem to be there they just all need put together and of course a new kicker, which they got. The Jets game is very winnable, but field goals need to be made, the defense needs to deliver again and the offense has to move the ball. All three things have to come together or the Browns will be looking at yet another loss.

The pieces very well may just fall into place Thursday night and the Cleveland Browns should win their first football game in a long time. Don’t hold your breath though because this is Cleveland and in Cleveland strange things really like to happen.


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