ODOT adding a traffic signal at Shuffel Street exit

ODOT plans to add a traffic signal at Shuffel Street exit
Photo by: Eric Poston

Exiting Interstate 77 north onto Shuffel Street can be challenging, especially turning left at peak times.

The Ohio Department of Transportation plans to install a traffic signal at the northbound Interstate 77 exit and entrance ramps to help with the problem.

“The signal is warranted due to the increase in traffic at the intersection and will be installed sometime this summer,” Public Information Specialist with ODOT District 4 Brent Kovacs said.

He said the biggest concerns are during rush hours as 2,175 commercial and passenger vehicles pass through that area daily. A traffic study conducted in 2015 helped ODOT determine the need for the signal.

Cost of the project is $143,600 and the work will be completed by a contractor, Kovacs said.

Recently, the Stark County Engineer’s office installed a traffic signal at the intersection of Shuffel Street and Freedom Avenue. This project was a joint effort between the engineer and Jackson Township. Shuffel Street has seen an increase in traffic with companies expanding in the area and the street being an access point to Jackson Township and North Canton.

Jackson Public Works Director Ralph Boger said the increase of traffic in the area, along with the new Embassy Suites Hotel and other expected commercial growth, warranted the new traffic signals.

“The growth of traffic at the Shuffel area is expected to lower the traffic impact at the Portage and the airport interchanges,” Boger said. “The county is also designing a roundabout on Pittsburg Avenue between Shuffel and Orion due to this increase in traffic. This entire area is experiencing development.”

Jackson Township Trustee Todd Hawke agrees with ODOT on the need for a signal at the highway exit ramp.

“I agree with that assessment as that exit was meant to be an alternative for both the airport exit as well as the Portage Street exit,” Hawke said. “As it has become more and more used, the traffic increases on and off at that exit warrant a signal to maintain vehicular traffic in as safe a manner as possible.”


This story was also published in The Suburbanite. www.thesuburbanite.com