Local dentist retires after 42 years

Dr. Angelo Nasca has seen and worked on many teeth in his 42-year career.

Dr. Nasca recently retired (Photo by: Eric Poston)

Nasca recently retired from his practice located on South Arlington Road, north of Home Depot.

He grew up in Western New York where he obtained his undergrad before attending Case Western Reserve for dental school. His inspiration to go into the dental field came from a friend who was going to school for that so Nasca decided to give it a try.

He stared out at Union Dental Center in 1977, which was a part of Akron Square where he practiced for three years.

Nasca eventually took over a practice at the corner of Brown Street and Cole Avenue. The practice moved to the corner of Arlington Road and Killian before eventually moving to his most recent location in the early 1990s.

In the 42 years, Nasca said without doubt computers are the biggest change in the field.

“Everything is digital now,” Nasca said.

Another big change is the amount of radiation put off when X-rays are done. He said it is much safer now as someone could get more radiation from being out in the sun then a full-mouth X-ray.

With the advancement in technology, Nasca said many treatments can be done to teeth to help preserve them long term. He said when he started many people would lose their teeth in time, but now many more can be saved.

Going to the dentist can be a difficult task for some people between anxiety and just being afraid. Nasca said about 10 to 15 percent of patients he saw was this way and he always took a slow and easy approach with them.

“We first just tell them we are looking and inform them of what we are doing,” Nasca said. “We take slow steps so they get used to us.”

He said it is hard to retire and give up what he has been doing for so long.

“The patients have become friends over time,” Nasca said.

He said the patients are what he will miss most and he never imagined he would have been a dentist for 42 years.

Nasca encourages flossing daily, brushing twice per day and rinsing out with mouthwash. He also said if someone loses a filling to get seen as soon as possible and not to put it off.

In his retirement, Nasca, who lives in Akron, plans to spend time with his grandkids and he envisions plenty of trips to the zoo, museums and going fishing. He said he is also planning to continue to hike often, something he enjoys.


This story was also published in The Suburbanite. www.thesuburbanite.com