Green KinderCare teacher receives Legacy Teacher Award

Denise Williams, a toddler teacher at Green KinderCare, recently received a big award.

From left, KinderCare Green Center Director Jennifer Kemp, KinderCare Regional Director Michael Potts, KinderCare Teacher Denise Williams and Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer pose for a photo following Williams receiving the Legacy Teacher Award. (Photo by: Eric Poston)

Williams was honored with the Legacy Teacher Award and a $5,000 check, which is given to one teacher each year in each of KinderCare’s regions. Regional Director Michael Potts said he oversees 135 schools in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, which is made up more than 13,000 students and 3,000 teachers.

Potts said KinderCare has nine regions across the United States and the award began about 10 years ago. He said it is a great honor for a teacher to receive the award and said it great to work for a company who recognize teachers for their work.

“We are awarding outstanding teachers that do amazing work,” Potts said.

Williams was honored during an art show at KinderCare where student’s art was on display for parents to check out. She had no idea of the award, which was given following the art show and students receiving a small trophy for their artwork.

In attendance was Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer who thanked Williams and KinderCare for what it provides to the community to help make Green great.

Williams, who has been a teacher 10 years, eight of them at KinderCare, said she was absolutely amazed to have received the award.

“I am excited for the opportunity to be able to work with children and make a difference,” Williams said.

KinderCare Green Center Director Jennifer Kemp said Williams has the biggest heart and would do anything for a child or their family.

“No one deserves this award more than she does,” Kemp said.

KinderCare Green has 25 teachers and 104 students.


This story was also published in The Suburbanite.