Green determining where to build new trails, sidewalks

Making the city more walkable and connecting neighborhoods to key parts of the city has long been a goal for Green.

The big question is where does the next trail or sidewalk go?

Residents had a chance during a public meeting in January to give their opinion on where they would like to see future connectivity. Asked of the residents was what kind of trials they prefer and what some destinations they would like to walk to are. Not only does the city hope to connect portions of the city together, but possibly connect Green to Coventry Township, Springfield Township and the city of New Franklin.

Green Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said the goal is trying to see where people want to go, adding that it doesn’t have to be from park to park.

“Lets find out what people think,” Wiethe said. “We want to make sure people want to use them.”

The city has contracted with Environmental Design Group (EDG) to help come up with a study for future connectivity. A grant was received from AMATS for $28,800 to put toward the study. Some drawings and possible connections were displayed during the first public input meeting in January. The existing project boards will be taken to the Celebration of Education event Feb. 24 at Green High School to allow for more input.

“After that, EDG will compile all the data and comments from the public events and move forward toward completing the draft connectivity map & report,” said Community Development Administrator Sarah Haring.

Once the draft is complete, it will submitted to the city and AMATS for review and comments. Then the draft will be presented at a public meeting to gather additional comments. Once the public reviews the draft, EDG and the city will hold a work session to review all the comments and EDG will make its final revisions. Then, the final map and report will be presented to city council and AMATS.

“You can see from this timeline that there will be additional opportunities for community feedback,” Haring said. “In addition, we will continue to update our progress on the website and social media, which gives folks more opportunities to chime in.”

Public comments

Green Councilman Justin Speight said the process has been great because it brings residents of the community together to get a preference on where the trails will go and what kind of trails people want.

One area Speight would like to see is sidewalks extended along Steese Road around the curve because he always sees children walking in the road there going to and from school.

Councilman Bob Young said he would like to see some off-road paths in the woods.

“It would give a little different atmosphere,” Young said.

Green resident Tony Ziehler said he likes the approach the city is taking to obtain comments, but would like to see some these future connectivity projects grouped with highway and storm water projects that take place in the city.

Comments are welcome at any time and should be directed to Haring by calling 330-896-6614 or by emailing


This story was also published in The Suburbanite.