Future uncertain for Toys R Us and Babies R Us buildings

The former Babies R Us store in The Strip (Photo by: Eric Poston)

With the announcement of Toys R Us and Babies R Us going out of business comes two empty storefronts in prime areas.

Toys R Us, located on Whipple Avenue just south of Everhard Road in Plain Township, and Babies R Us located within The Strip Shopping Plaza in Jackson Township, will soon both be empty. With the empty spaces comes two townships hopeful they won’t be vacant for long.

Toys R Us will soon close on Whipple Avenue (Photo by: Eric Poston)

Plain Township Trustee Scott Haws said Toys R Us owns its building and the township is going to be working with them.

“We have already reached out to them,” Haws said. “This is a highly marketable location.”

Haws said the township would like to see the building switch hands to a local developer who could work with the township to find a new use for the space. He said the area could go into a Community Reinvestment Area and the township is open to retail, professional office or even a mixed use.

“Until Toys R Us gives us some guidance there is a lot of speculation at this point,” Haws said.

He said it is way too early to say what will go there, but the township is open to options.

“A developer will have a better feel for what should go there,” Haws said.

He also said the market will drive whatever will go there and the space is on the top of the list for areas the township is working on. The empty K-Mart building on state Route 62 is also another major focus for the township Haws said.

Recently, the Babies R Us store closed for good in The Strip Shopping center and the name was taken off of the building.

Stark Enterprises Vice President of Marketing and Communications Stacie Schmidt said the company hopes to fill the space soon.

“We are in discussions with multiple tenants that are national retailers with high volume sales and once we chose one, we will make an announcement,” Schmidt said.


This story was also published in The Suburbanite. www.thesuburbanite.com