ENDORSEMENT: Sherrod Brown for Senate

Voters should re-elect Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate following his hard work for Ohio. He has served as a real voice for Ohio and has been a creative lawmaker. Brown has been a loyal Democrat in the Senate during his term. He deserves support because his challenger, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is running a campaign based on partisan slogans and sound bites. Not to mention the $19 million spent from outside money to defeat Brown. Ambition and an edgy attitude is one needed to run the U.S. Senate, and Brown has done just that. He fought to save the Ohio auto industry while Mandel was against it.

Mandel has done nothing but jump from one job to another during his lifetime. He is only 34 years old and should focus on completing a term as treasurer before worrying about his political future.

Brown is dedicated to his job and will continue to stand up and provide a progressive voice for Ohio. His hard work and integrity have shown regardless if you agree with every stance he takes. This is why Brown deserves six more years.

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