Buehler’s Fresh Foods expands rewards for fuel program

new front2Buehler’s customers at seven locations (Brunswick, Wadsworth, Portage Lakes, Canton, Delaware and two Medina locations) will have a choice to redeem their earned loyalty points: redeem for fuel or redeem for food. Buehler’s is the ONLY grocery store in Ohio to give customers a choice on how they redeem their Buehler’s Rewards electronically.

The program is made possible by a partnership with another Ohio-based company, Speedway LLC (Speedway). Speedway has more than 1,400 Speedway-branded stores in all, making it easy for customers to cash in on the rewards they earn at Buehler’s.

Dan Shanahan, Buehler’s Chief Operating Officer, states, “We wanted to make it very easy for our customers that choose to use their Buehler’s Rewards® for fuel discounts. Customers welcome our partnership with Speedway because of the many convenient Speedway locations, as well as their very competitive fuel prices.”

Bob Buehler, EVP Marketing & Merchandising said “Customers will use their Buehler’s Advantage® Card to earn points on purchases at Buehler’s, and then use their Speedy Rewards® card at the Speedway pump to discount the price. The system will also adjust the amount of Buehler’s Rewards points the customer has left over to redeem for fuel, or at Buehler’s to redeem for food at the checkout.” Customers will also earn Speedy Rewards® points on their purchases at the pump.

Buehler’s Rewards can now be used for food or fuel when the customer follows a simple, one time, on-line process of linking their Buehler’s Advantage® Card to their Speedy Rewards® Card. Customers may then decide to redeem their earned points for food at Buehler’s when they check-out OR to redeem for fuel discounts at any Speedway location. All leftover or remaining points may be used later on food or fuel.

Customers that have a Buehler’s Advantage® Card that do not want the additional choice of fuel need not do anything. They will continue to earn Buehler’s Rewards to redeem for $10 off at the check-out.

The seven Buehler’s locations will have helpful associates to assist customers in using computers at the store to link their Buehler’s Advantage® Cards and Speedy Rewards® Cards. Speedy Rewards® Cards and Buehler’s Advantage® Cards are available at Buehler’s. Customers may also sign up on Buehler’s website, Speedway’s website, or in-store kiosk at any Speedway location. Deb Wilcox, Buehler’s Director of Communication, states, “It has never been easier to choose how you want to spend your Buehler’s Rewards; redeem for fuel or redeem for food. We give you a choice each time you shop.”

Grocery rewards may be redeemed in $10 increments and fuel rewards may be redeemed in 10 cent increments at Speedway stores.