Browns continue to regress, get buried in the desert

I feel like a broken record writing about the lack of effort from the 2019 Cleveland Browns.


After barely defeating the Cincinnati Bengals last week, they came out and got beaten badly by the three-win Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona defeated the Browns 38-24.

The game started much like many other games this season where the Browns found themselves in a 14-0 hole. Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens yet again refused to run the ball early on despite having one of the best running backs in the league, Nick Chubb.

Finally later in the second quarter Kitchens started using Chubb, but it was a little too late. He got 17 carries resulting in 127 yards.

The Browns’ offense was bad other than Chubb. They couldn’t get anything going passing wise even though Arizona has the worst pass defense in the NFL.

The Browns’ defense was downright awful too. Missing tackles and letting Arizona run the board scoring 38 points.

It was a bad day all around for the Browns with many of the same mistakes which have been occurring since the beginning of the season. Kitchens clearly hasn’t made adjustments, he isn’t learning and some could say he is losing the team.

It sure seems some of the players may be starting to give up on Kitchens. That seemed to be the case when Jarvis Landry got in Kitchens face late in the game on the sideline.

Frustration is building, there is no doubt.

Baker Mayfield sure doesn’t get a pass as he had another bad game and continues to regress. Mayfield finished 30 of 43 for 247 yards with an interception. The interception came at a critical time in the end zone, which turned a nice drive into nothing early in the game.

Mayfield has thrown 17 interceptions on the season and has the second-most in the NFL.

The bottom line is talent doesn’t come over coaching and talent clearly isn’t everything. This season was full of hype, but the Browns should at least be breaking 500, which they will not do.

Prior to the game, reports circulated that Kitchens has the support to be back next year. I think that support is gone after this game. The Browns were outcoached, outplayed and beaten badly.

It isn’t all Kitchen’s fault, but the Browns have lost several games this season based on poor coaching calls. Coaching in critical moments matters and the Browns have failed.

After the Arizona defeat Kitchens repeated a very familiar line.

“I thought we were ready to play. I didn’t do a good enough job getting them ready to play.”

Freddie, you been saying that since week one and you haven’t made any changes.

The last two games won’t be easy against Baltimore and Cincinnati. The Browns very well may lose both and that wouldn’t be surprising.

If losing to the third-string Pittsburgh team wasn’t enough, maybe losing to the three-win Arizona team will be.

This season has been one letdown after another and I am sure we are in for a few more letdowns.


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