Beer and wine trailer offers unique experience for gatherings

Kristy Grim and Andrea Hurr show off their beer and wine truck.
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Andrea Hurr and her sister-in-law Kristy Grim wanted to put their many years of experience in the hospitality and sales industries to good use.

They came up with the idea of TwoSisters Sidecar, which is a traveling beer and wine trailer.

Hurr and Grim took a horse trailer and completely gutted it. They remodeled the whole inside and created a bar they could serve drinks at. The inspiration for the project came from a photo from England found on Pinterest.

“We liked the horse trailer because it was different,” Hurr said.

Hurr said they can’t have a traveling liquor license, so whoever is hosting the party has to provide the liquor or alcohol.

“We can’t work at a venue that sells or provides their own alcohol, but many venues allow you to rent their space and provide your own alcohol which is where we would fit in,” Hurr said.

Hurr and Grim do more than just pour the drinks as they help plan the beverage menu for whatever the special event is and provide everything needed but the drinks. They also can serve non-alcoholic beverages.

“We provide the whole service,” Hurr said.

So far business has started out a little slow.

“It has been slow, but it is letting us get a feel for how to work in the trailer,” Hurr said. “It has been a really nice start learning what we can improve on.”

Pricing varies depending on what someone wants for their event and normally the price is set per event, but smaller events can be priced at an hourly rate.

TwoSisters Sidecar will travel 75 miles from Green or Massillon and outside of that there is a fee. Hurr said most of the business so far has been local and they have already booked 13 weddings for next year.

“I love being a part of these events,” Hurr said. “I love watching people have a good time and seeing how excited people get about the trailer.”

More information about TwoSisters Sidecar can be found on their Facebook Page or by visiting

The women won best booth design at the Today’s Bride Show at the John S. Night Center.


This story was also published in The Suburbanite.