Acme gives Whipple Road store a total remodel, begins home delivery

No section of the store has gone untouched as Acme recently completed a $5 million renovation of its Whipple Road store.

Renovations began about a year ago and finished a little ahead of schedule as the store expanded to 70,000 square-feet. One of the most noticeable changes is the lobby, which was expanded outward to allow for products on sale to be displayed when customers walk into the store.

Acme Marketing Director Katie Swartz said by expanding the lobby it allows for products to be in the customer’s hands right away. She said all the changes throughout the store are to enhance the shopping experience.

A large part of the improvement involved bringing the prepared foods and bakery to the front of the store. Natural and organic items were added in addition to a café.

“All of this is driven for the convenience of the customer,” Swartz said.

Swartz said the store is bigger, but it is not overwhelming. The isles are wider and the store has the largest wine, beer and liquor department in Stark County. Stepping into this section features a different feel with different flooring and lighting. There is also a wine tasting bar.

“Our Whipple Avenue Acme Fresh Market is now a world class grocery store, with the freshest produce, highest quality meats, and an assortment of product at great prices that will exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Acme Fresh Market President Jim Trout. “Our customers have endured a lot during this renovation but I promise it is worth the wait. Our hardworking Acme Fresh Market associates and I are extremely proud to offer Canton a world class store.”

The pharmacy features a special area for customers to come and receive vaccinations and Swartz said Acme is always looking for more pharmacy customers. Another additional feature to the store is self-checkout.

“Self-checkout is very popular,” Swartz said. “It is something customers want.”

The front of the store also got a facelift and the parking lot was redone to include wider parking spaces.

Construction took about a year to complete and was done a little sooner than first thought.

“We are glad to be open fully remodeled for the holiday season,” Swartz said.

Acme will begin renovations at its store in Norton next. Additional square footage is being added and construction is expected to last about a year.


Grocery shopping just became a little bit easier and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Acme recently launched a home delivery grocery service along with placing your order online and picking it up at the store.

The recently launched website allows customers to place orders and pick out whatever they are shopping for.

“It’s an easy convenient way to get your shopping done,” Swartz said.

She said the pick-up service has been very popular so far as currently the service is offered at the Green, Ellet. Montrose and West Akron stores. Acme will also deliver to all zip codes except for Parma.

The cost of delivery depends on the order, but is normally between $10 and $20. When picking up groceries all the customer has to do is park in the special spot at the store and the groceries are loaded into the customer’s car. For pick-up there is a $4.95 fee.

“Our decisions are really driven by the customer wants,” Swartz said. “As a local grocer, we respond to what customers tell us.”

Swartz said Acme will be aggressively rolling out pick-up at other stores and it is a service that eventually will be offered at all stores.

Orders can be picked up or delivered within a four-hour turnaround window of placing the order.


This story was also published in The Suburbanite.