DYER: Takeaway From “The Return”


Tara Dyer

There was a lot of energy filling the Q for the first game of the season. There were celebrities in attendance and lots of fanfare. A concert took place before the game and Usher was there to sing the national anthem. Everything seemed to be in place for a successful game for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unfortunately, all the energy and fanfare wasn’t enough to make the team pull off a win on Thursday.

The first quarter of the game looked promising. It started off with Kevin Love with two points and Dion Waiters hitting a three soon after. One of the biggest pitfalls of the quarter were the turnovers by Lebron James. In Lebrons first 11 minutes spent on the floor he had 2 points and 3 turnovers and was shooting one of six. This was not the start that fans were expecting.

As the game went on, the Cavs started to fall behind and couldn’t seem to make a strong comeback. There was a lack of defense and many missed shots throughout the game. Additionally, there was a huge missed pass in the second quarter by Anderson Varejao to Lebron James that really hurt them. Throughout the game the passive gameplay was a large contributor  to their loss.

There were highlights too. Even with six fouls for the night from Carmelo Anthony he still managed to score 25 points for the night. He was the scoring leader for the Knicks. The Cavs were led by Kyrie Irving with 22 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists. Kevin Love also played well with 19 points.

Even though the game ended in a loss, the team was only down by five points and managed to stay in the game. This is a team that is playing together with a new coach and many new players. LeBron was playing a less aggressive game than usual, which may be another change. With time and work, this team has a lot of potential. In the letter to fans, LeBron acknowledged that it will take time for the team to make it to the finals.

There are high expectations for this team, but it is also time to make realistic expectations. There will be times when they win and times when they lose. No team has a perfect record in basketball. Teams in the finals still face losses in their season. Even I am guilty of becoming a little too wrapped up in winning when the bar is set so high. All in all, they Cavs still played well. There is much work to be done, but there is an entire season to do it in.


POSTON: Opening night letdown

Eric Poston

           Eric Poston

Well that didn’t go exactly like many fans had hoped.

Knicks 95, Cavaliers 90.

The season opener and return of LeBron James was somewhat rained on by the Knicks who took advantage of the Cavs playing sloppy. The return of LeBron was second to none though as the introductions were made and The Q went wild.

A strong start and even an 11 point lead at one point were not for the Cavs. The second half was filled with mistakes and growing pains, which are expected from a young team.

Take into consideration the number of new players and how they have had very little experience playing together. It will take time for the team to adjust and figure out what works.

A new coach and new players means experiments will be made to the lineup until the right formula is created. While some things worked Thursday night against the Knicks, others did not.

Kevin Love played well and had an excellent first half. Love finished the game with 19 points. He nailed three of his six three point shots. James on the other hand struggled. He turned the ball over eight times and only had one basket during the entire first half. James finished the game with 17 points, which was far from what we are used to seeing. Kyrie Iriving scored 22 points, but he turned the ball over four times.

Overall the team was sloppy and there is plenty of room for improvement. Turnovers and failing to take advantage of mistakes by the Knicks was costly. LeBron never attacked the basket as much as he should have. He did late in the game and had success, but he should have done it sooner in the game. Smarter shots are also something the Cavs must focus on. There were way too many rushed shots and it clearly showed. Some drives featured too much ball movement and others not enough.

No reason to panic at this point. One game of the season is over and no one ever wins every single game. There is a lot of good to take forward from this game as LeBron is back and the Cavs have a superstar filled team. The Cavs need some time to get past some growing pains and the wins will start rolling in. This season will sure be fun no matter the end result.
Eric Poston is a columnist for Poston News. Email him


POSTON: 50 years of championship drought may come to an end

Eric Poston

         Eric Poston

Could this finally be the year?

Fans have waited and waited and waited for a championship to return to Cleveland. 1964 was the last time a championship happened in Cleveland. 50 years have gone by where fans have sat and hoped for a winning team, but it never happened.

What makes this year any different than the past? The Cavaliers have built what many are calling a superstar basketball team. LeBron James has returned to Cleveland to join Kyrie Iriving and Kevin Love. In addition to these three superstars, Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters will help power the lineup.

Fans have a reason to be excited, very excited just by looking at the roster heading into this season. The Cavs have struggled in past seasons since LeBron left for Miami. Fans were upset and they had good reason to be because LeBron was the driving force of the Cavs prior to him leaving.

Most people including myself never thought he would return to Cleveland. What incentive was there really to return? The incentive didn’t happen until the roster began to fill up with superstars and LeBron saw he could win in Cleveland. LeBron also knew how much he is loved in his hometown and wanted to return home to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland.

When the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2010, fans knew they may have to wait a while to see playoff basketball in Cleveland again. The Cavs went from one of the best records to the worst finishing 19 and 63 in the 2010-2011 season.

The Cavs fired Mike Brown following the playoff collapse in 2010, only to hire him back in 2013 and then fire him again. Byron Scott coached two seasons in between Mike Brown’s time, but didn’t have much success either.

I want to see a championship more than ever in Cleveland. The city deserves one waiting 50 years. I have only been around for 24 of those 50 years, but it has been downright depressing watching losing teams fill our lives. I wrote a column several years back about a championship in Cleveland and I feel like the best opportunity for one to happen is with the Cavs.

The Cavs are finally in a position to win and take the team far into the playoffs. While it is too soon to tell if the Cavs can win an NBA Championship this year, it is certainly possible. There are many factors that will be interesting to see how they unfold. The team has to adjust to playing together and under new coach David Blatt. The Cavs are fortunate to have a powerful starting lineup in addition to some depth when it comes to the bench.

I really have faith in this team and feel they will go deep into the playoffs. With LeBron back in Cleveland teamed up with Iriving and Love, there is no reason this team should not be in the NBA Finals. Maybe just maybe this will finally be the year a championship will arrive in Cleveland. If not this year, hopefully the team can drive deep into the playoffs and be right there going for a championship next year after having a year to play together as a team.

Exciting basketball is back in Cleveland and fans have every reason to finally feel good about the Cleveland Cavaliers again.
Eric Poston is a columnist for Poston News. Email him

City of Akron leaf removal schedule

The City of Akron’s Leaf Pickup is scheduled to begin October 27 and will continue thru December 6, or until we complete one full round of pick-up (weather permitting). The City of Akron has scheduled Leaf Pickup for each ward as follows:

Ward 5 October 27

Ward 3 October 29

Ward 9 November 1

Ward 7 November 5

Ward 8 November 8

Ward 4 November 17

Ward 1 November 21

Ward 2 November 25

Ward 10 December 1

Ward 6 December 4

Arrest made following drug overdose

On July 4, at approximately 5:35 a.m., the body of a white female was discovered in the driveway of a Hottle Street residence in Coventry Township. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Coventry Fire Department, and the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office responded and found the female was unresponsive in her vehicle. She was later pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased was identified as Cassandra Smith, age 25 of Coventry. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation into the matter.

It was later determined that she had died as a result of a drug overdose. Two individuals were identified as being responsible for supplying Cassandra Smith with illegal prescription drugs, which she ingested within hours of her death.

On October 27, Mario Micale, age 28 of Akron was arrested and charged with one count of Corruption Another with Drugs (F-2). Joseph Busta, age 38 of North Royalton was charged with one count of Corruption Another with Drugs (F-2) and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Micale booked into the Summit County Jail.

Follow-up questions should be directed to Inspector Bill Holland at 330-620-9738.

—– Summit County Sheriff Press Release


Seven OVI checkpoints Friday night

There will be seven OVI checkpoints setup across Summit and Stark counties Friday night.  The highway patrol will perform the checkpoints at the following locations.

750 S. Main Street

1701 Mahoning Avenue

Springfield Township:
1020 Canton Road

Beeson Street
West Main Street and
South Mahoning Avenue

The highway patrol asks that motorists who plan to drink should designate a driver or make travel arrangements.